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Although our homeland is in heaven (Phil. 3:20) our work is in the world for the present time, and good stewardship requires us to make best use of the resources which God has given us for our mission. So if there is an honourable method offered to us of saving money on the essentials of running our parishes and schools, thus releasing funds for other worthy purposes, it is surely right for us to give it serious consideration.

Churchmarketplace is a national, exclusive cost-saving purchasing group run for the Church, by the Church, to make use of our collective purchasing power in order to improve value for money for all parishes, schools, Dioceses, agencies, charities and religious communities across the UK. It also seeks to support the religious orders who provide products and services such as sacramental consumables.

It has been set up by a number of Dioceses working together and is now available to all parishes and schools who register as members, and is endorsed by the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and the Catholic Education Service.

From energy, telecommunications, photocopiers and fire extinguishers, to the paper used for printing newsletters, Churchmarketplace is an exclusive portal for a wide range of discounted goods and services to meet the needs of the Catholic community.

Dioceses, agencies, parishes, charities, religious communities and schools are invited to browse the 
website for more information about the concept, and to register as a member.

CMP's suppliers do not claim to be the cheapest for every product - but some of them offer a PriceMatch guarantee - so if you can say that a precise product is available elsewhere and cheaper than in their catalogue, they will match that price. Where savings appear to be small, you need to consider how much of a product you might get through in a year !

All types of office supplies, as well as cleaning products and liturgical supplies can be accessed via the Churchmarketplace website.

There are very large savings to be made for the rarer occasions when you might buy a new computer or software.

We encourage you to register your parish and school, which costs nothing and does not commit you at all - you should find that the registration pages will already contain some details of your parish/school that we have supplied in advance. The more users and customers they have, the better bargains they will be able to drive for us all !

Just a reminder, their website is 



News - March 2018


Click here for a web-page version of their latest e-mail with latest news and offers.



Churchmarketplace have launched an updated website with dedicated schools portal, listing all their new official suppliers, including energy, vehicle leasing, PAT testing, legal, HR and payroll services for schools, and leadership recruitment for schools.




A few general points about Churchmarketplace


  1. Churchmarketplace members can get a 5% discount from Lockie for Gift Aid and Collection  Envelopes and Hammond & Harper for Clerical Apparel (great prices and quality). 
  2. Office Depot is their stationery supplier, and average savings over Viking are 40-47% and over other suppliers between 15 & 30%. Deliveries are next day free delivery with no minimum order. You can order by phone 0844 871 5060, fax 0844 4123445 or email   cmp@officedepot.com. Brin can send you an Excel "order pad" with the most-demanded products in each category pre-listed, so you do not need to look up codes, it has already been done for you. 
  3. Purchases with all suppliers can be made by phone, fax, email or online via www.churchmarketplace.org.uk. If phoning, faxing or emailing, please always let the supplier know you are a Churchmarketplace member to get the correct pricing. 
  4. Contact details for all suppliers are on the Churchmarketplace portal. Please click here for a downloadable leaflet on Churchmarketplace. 


Please note that Consortium is no longer an authorised supplier to Churchmarketplace.

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