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Proclaim 15 grid of thumbnails from their websiteMarch 2016 - Bishop Peter has said: 

"Following on from last year’s initiative, I would like to encourage the setting up and ongoing development of parish evangelisation

teams. Perhaps we could begin with one team in each Pastoral Area. "

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Downloadable resources resulting from the July Conference are available from the Proclaim 15 website

These include leaflets with ideas, programme outlines and prayers, plus video clips of the main talks, in the areas of:

Vision & Strategy, Parish Teams, Non-churchgoers, Testimonies, Families, Unchurched, Gospel, Poor Church, Youth, and Prayer / Prayer Experiences. 

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To promote and "localise" these, two Proclaim '15 follow up events were organised in our Diocese, one in the north and one in the south: 

•  Saturday 19th September 2015, 10am-3pm, at St Gregory the Great RC Church Hall, Northampton, NN3 2HS. Read a report here.

•  Saturday 17th October 2015, 10am-3pm, at Immaculate Heart of Mary RC Church Hall (Damien Hall), Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 9AA. Read a report here

During these days we aimed to give a flavour of some of the fruits and resources coming out of the experience of the national conference from those in our Diocese who took part and came as part of the Diocesan group.

Proclaim 15 Northampton logoIn addition, deaneries and parishes are invited to hold their own Proclaim ’15 events, and there will be new evangelisation resources published as a fruit of the National Conference to equip local evangelisers. 

So for people who have had a taste for evangelisation in the past, perhaps through a Sion Community mission in your parish, your time has come! 

Be encouraged, and do look up Proclaim 15 on the national website here,  for useful links and information, including the downloadable parish booklet which contains free resources for us all to use.   


See Bishop Peter's encouragement for it here. 

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Rushden parish held a Prayer Vigil to conicide with the Conference.

St Peter's RushdenHere at Saint Peter's Catholic Church in Rushden, we held our prayer vigil on Saturday11th of July between 2 and 3pm. 25 parishioners turned up, among them representatives of the different parish groups. We utilised the prayer vigil format from the website and included many of the hymns sung accapello as our organist is unwell. 

About mid-way. we invited members of the parish groups to speak to us about the evangelising work they do in the parish. Father Joe has initiated a cell /prayer group and I have been going to this for a couple of years. As well as learning more about the Gospels we also discuss what opportunities we have had during the week to bring the love of God to others. It is amazing what opportunities come along when you least expect them. This outlet has totally raised their and my awareness of possible opportunities to talk to others about Jesus Christ

The member for the UCM told us about the prayers they say for all mothers and the visits they make to older members to ensure they still feel part of this special group. They are there for almost every parish event and everyone is well catered for. They recently catered for the Confirmation celebration and visitors were impressed by their caring attitude to all.

The member for the SVP told of many visits to the poor and marginalised, of organised excursions for the housebound and of birthday and Christmas gifts for those in need. We were told that we all have gifts to share, however small and in giving of our time and patience to others we are spreading God's love to others.

I was struck by all the wonderful work going on quietly and feel that many of us are unaware of what is actually happening on the ground in our parishes, by the few. I certainly will look to join one of these groups so that my job of evangelising others will have a more practical outlet.

Monica Oatridge

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