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Of course, there is no single model. Any single confirmed Catholic man is able to receive the Sacrament of Ordination.

A man who feels that he has a wish to serve the Church in this ministry should first of all speak to his parish priest or to a member of the Vocations Team.

The next stage would be to take part in some of the events which take place in the Diocese for those who are thinking about Vocation. Sometimes those who come are thinking vaguely about it, sometimes they are pretty certain in their own minds. In either case it is good to come together with others who are seeing to investigate this.

seminarians at Oscott CollegeIn time, if the person feels they want to make a further step they will make a formal application to be accepted by the Diocese as a student. If this is successful then they would go forward to begin studies at seminary. At the Seminary those who lecture there also become part of the work of discernment, helping the student to see where God is calling him.

The time at Seminary is marked by the conferral of various ministries before ultimately coming forward for Ordination as a priest. At each of these stages the student and others about him will reflect on his development and pray for guidance so as to be sure that he is continuing on the right path.

The final stage is Ordination as Priest at the hands of the Bishop.

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