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Tall Banner image, fishing boat against sunlight on lakeBishop Peter called us all to share a Year of Prayer and Vocation from the First Sunday of Advent 2017. It was formally concluded on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8th December 2018. 

It was an opportunity for us to deepen our prayer life and reflect on how each one of us is invited to respond to our baptismal vocation in our daily life. 

We wee invited to share in this special time of prayer and reflection across the diocese as the local Church of our diocese of Northampton. By committing together to this we would be supporting one another as members of the Body of Christ in this part of God’s world. 

We hope that it was a blessed time for us all.

To help us participate in this, we offered you a few simple resources which followed a calendar of monthly intentions.   

For each month there was a downloadable page for:-

- parish prayer

- school prayer

- personal reflection.

The provision of these is now concluded, but copies of all still exist, and could be made available on request.  In particular, Parish prayer sheets have been contributed by Mgr Kevin McGinnell, who has now made the full collection of them available as a downloadable PDF booklet here.  . 

We have been asked if the photos used in the prayer sheets can be made available separately. Click on the titles to download the JPG's. These have had to be downsized a bit to be available as downloads. If you need bigger / hi-res images, please ask the Webmaster. 

Sea of Galilee

St Francis of Assisi

Steps at Mount St Bernards

Blessed Cyprian Tansi

Desert morning

Sand and stones

Walsingham Slipper Chapel

Walsingham Chapel side entrance

Crowds at Birmingham New Street

Out of Darkness into Light

God calls us poster



Child's prayer

steps at the House of Caiaphas

Norfolk Sunset

Cemetery, Co,Clare

A talk given by Bro. John Mayhead OSB at Turvey in Advent  2017 is available here.   

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During this year we were invited, as a diocese to renew our commitment to personal prayer. As we set out together let us ask God for the grace each day to hear and follow his call. 

Here is the prayer of Richard of Chichester which was printed on bookmarks and will be used throughout the Year. 

Thanks be to you, our Lord Jesus Christ,

for all the benefits which you have given us.

For all the pains and insults 

which you have borne for us.

Most merciful Redeemer,

Friend and Brother,

may we know you more clearly,

love you more dearly,

and follow you more nearly,

day by day. 


You can download the Order Form for the large Banner, and fridge-magnet, as resources supporting this inititative. Click here for this (PDF). 

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