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Year of the Word- "The God who speaks " 2019-2020 Minimize

God Who Speaks logoOur Bishops have called 2020 to be a celebration of the Word of God throughout all our parishes, communities and schools. 

The initial launch will be on the feast of St Jerome, 30 September 2019, with the Year formally beginning in Advent 2019.

Bishop Peter has described the purpose of the Year in these words:"At heart we want to help everyone be prepared to hear the Word of God proclaimed in the liturgy."

To support this the Council of Priests in May asked that each parish commit themselves to training/refreshing those who proclaim the scriptures in the liturgy during October/November 2019. NOREs are sending out a diocesan Training Pack for Readers which we hope you will find useful. More copies can be obtained from the office and it is also available to download here. 

This will be linked to a formal commissioning of all who proclaim the word in the liturgy, on the Second Sunday of Advent 2019. 

Banners are also being prepared for the year and details will be available shortly

Bishop Peter will write a pastoral letter about the importance of proclaiming and hearing the Word in the liturgy for the First Sunday of Advent 2019. This will link to the formal launch for our diocese which will be during the Mass for the Immaculate Conception at 11am on December 7, 2019. 

With Mary as our diocesan patron it will be a very appropriate time for us to celebrate her as Mother of the Word.

Timeline of events in the Year:

  • September 30 National preparatory Launch Feast of St Jerome )
  • October 7 1.30pm at NORES – Fleur Dorrell [who is leading the process nationally} will give the NORES LECTURE – Why are we having a Year of the Word of God?
  • October/November  - Parishes and all communities are encouraged to train/refresh all who proclaim the Word in our liturgy
  • December 1 The beginning of the campaign year at a national level
  • December 1  Bishop Peter’s Pastoral Letter on the First Sunday of Advent
  • December 7 11am Cathedral – Diocesan Mass for our feast and to launch the Year within the diocese
  • December 8 Commissioning of all who proclaim the Word during the Sunday masses

Se our Spirituallity/ Events and Courses page for further dates in the Diocese

The planning group is working on several other projects which we will circulate as they are finalised. If you have any thoughts or comments, as well as any requests for support please do not hesitate to contact us.

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To aid us in celebrating the Year of the Word Alex Heath has written the hymn 'Praise to you Eternal Word' which is available to download  here. The words of the hymn celebrate the power and beauty of God's Word in our Salvation history; in creation, in Jesus Christ the Son of God- the Word made flesh for us- and as disciples who are called to listen to and live God's Word in our daily lives. The download is words-only,  but suggests a familiar melody. .  

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