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To bring recent documents to the top of the list, change the "Sort by" dropdown to "Date". Please note: certain Stream Three documents, and older Pastoral Letters and Homilies, have been moved into Archive categories. Use the Categories drop-down menu below-left to search for such items. Some documents, such as Homilies more than a year old, and a number of Saints' biographies, have been removed from the "All" library to save space, and can now only be found within their appropriate Category. Use the Categories drop-down menu and the Downloads search faciliity below this notice, to find what you want. NB the brin@nymo.org e-mail address given with a lot of the documents will not now work. Use brin@nrcdfinance.com.

Bishop Peter's homily - Chrism Mass 2015 (WORD)

Bishop Peter's homily at the Chrism Mass, 2nd April 2015

File size 18 K
Downloads 35
Date Tue 06/12/2018 @ 09:18
Author Administrator Account
EMail brin@nrcdfinance.com

Bishop Peter's homily - Chrism Mass 2016 (WORD)

Bishop Peter's homily preached at the Chrism Mass, 24th March 2016, Northampton Cathedral

File size 30 K
Downloads 21
Date Mon 04/18/2016 @ 09:37
Author Administrator Account
EMail brin@nrcdfinance.com

Bishop Peter's Homily - Christian Unity Week 2016 (WORD)

Bishop Peter's homily preached in Christian Unity Week, 18th-25th January 2016

File size 21 K
Downloads 11
Date Mon 02/08/2016 @ 10:41
Author Administrator Account
EMail brin@nrcdfinance.com

Bishop Peter's homily - End of year of Mercy, 12/13th Nov 2016 (WORD)

Bishop Peter's homily preached at the Masses for the Closing of the Holy Doors, Gerrards Cross 12th Nov and the Cathedral, 13th Nov. 

File size 28 K
Downloads 9
Date Mon 11/14/2016 @ 11:59
Author Brin Dunsire
EMail brin@nrcdfinance.com

Bishop Peter's Homily - Immac. Concep'n 2017 (WORD)

Bishop Peter's homily preached at the Cathedral on the Patronal Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 8th December 2017, a week after the launch of the Year of Prayer and Vocation in the Diocese. 

File size 14 K
Downloads 5
Date Mon 01/22/2018 @ 09:17
Author Brin Dunsire
EMail brin@nrcdfinance.com

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