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24th November - Attention all parishioners of Italian descent ! We have had a message from Remo Finaldi of the Italian Medical Charity as follows:-
"We are writing to a number of Catholic Parishes where we think there might be parishioners of Italian nationality or descent in order to inform them that we can help them with their medical expenses.
We are a Charity duly registered in the UK that helps people of Italian origin who are in need of funds for medical treatments that the NHS does not provide. We have inherited the work of the former Italian Hospital in London, which was sold off to the Great Ormond Street Childrens hospital. After paying all the expenses, a modest sum of money was left which has been invested and the proceeds are being used to help Italian people with funds for their medical needs.
Could you let people know that we can financially help them? All they have to do is write to us stating their case. supporting their request with some official document and asking us to make a grant towards their medical expenses." Address - 42 Bromley Road, London, SE6 2TP .

20th November - Sister Mary McDonough, of the Holy Family community in Milton Keynes, died on this date following the failure of a bone marrow transplant. Sister Mary, aged 59, was the very popular RE Co-ordinator at St. Thomas Aquinas school. May she rest in peace. A full obituary will appear in the January Vine, out in parishes and online on this site shortly.

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