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Regrettably the content of this page has been lost in the course of creating the early-2016 one  and cannot be easily reconstructed. 

It included versions of the following items:

George Brooker

3rd December 2015. George Brooker RIP.  He was one of the crop of four deacons, along with Ted Connelly, Joseph Billington and Douglas Denny, all ordained in 1976 for Burnham Parish under Father David Woodard. George leaves a widow, Dorothy. His funeral was at Burnham on Monday, 21 December 

Elderly deacon ted Connolly reading Gospel from lectern27th November 2015 - Ted Connelly RIP – Ted was ordained Deacon at Burnham in June 1976 by Bishop Grant. . Retiring at the age of 90, he went to live with his son David in Camberley. He had always attended Morning Prayer and Mass every day and continued to do that in his new parish. He read the Gospel at the Mass for his hundredth birthday. His last sermon in the parish was about love. He spoke of the love of God and how his beloved wife, Dolly, had taught him how it is to love family, friends and neighbours – everybody. May he rest in peace.

Bishop Peter and Cardinal meet Pope Francis3rd October 2015 - Bishop Peter attended the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, along with Cardinal Nichols, as one of England's two Bishop-delegates. A video message was recorded, to be played in all parishes that weekend.  He was interviewed by newspapers and recorded various pieces as the Synod was progressing. It concluded on 26th October. 

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