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Polish flag30th November - Corby - During this month the Polish Catholic Mission acquired the old Methodist church on Rockingham Road which is now the Polish Mission Church of St Joseph (we believe) - the first new Catholic church in our Diocese for over ten years (even if it is not a new building). Fr Ryszard Taraszka is the parish priest, residing at the vacant presbytery at St John Ogilivie's. Sunday Masses at 10:30 and 4pm.  Congratulations - Gratulacje !

22nd November - Fr Michael Harrison from Our Lady's, Corby was installed as the newest member of the Cathedral Chapter, which carries the title of Canon. Congratulations Canon Michael ! 

12/13th November - Bishop Peter brought to an end the Year of Mercy in the Diocese by closing the Holy Doors at St Joseph's, Gerrards Cross, and at the Cathedral. His homily on these occasions is here. Pope Francis closed the Holy Year on Sunday 20th  November, sealing the Holy Door in Rome. The Catholic Herald report is here

St Columba's, Chesham7th November - Mass times changes in S E Bucks. As one outcome of a Strategic Review in this Pastoral Area, the following Mass times will apply from the first weekend of Advent, 26th/27th November. 

 - Saturday 6pm at St Aidan’s, Little Chalfont

 - Sunday 9am at St Columba’s, Chesham

 - Sunday 10am at Our Lady’s, Chesham Bois

 - Sunday 11am at St Aidan’s, Little Chalfont

 - Sunday 6pm at St Columba’s, Chesham

St Aidan's, Little ChalfontThe principal changes are that the Saturday Vigil Mass ceases at Chesham Bois, the present 10am Mass at Chesham moves back to 9am, and the present 10:30 Mass at Little Chalfont moves to 11am. 

"These Mass times recognise the present reality of three priests. But Bishop Peter has said that the prospect is that there will eventually be one priest serving the three communities. When that comes about there is likely to be a further reduction to three weekend Masses, as that is the maximum that our priests are allowed to celebrate.The celebration on a Sunday of the Extraordinary Form (Latin) Mass at Our Lady’s at 8am and the Polish Mass at St Aidan’s at 9am will continue unchanged for the time being." (Taken from a statement published in the Pastoral Area.)

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