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The diocese is delighted to announce the creation of a new Lay Formation Fund to support lay ministry and formation in the Diocese of Northampton

Books on desk and piles behind - image of studyThe fund is for those living in the diocese who are in active ministry, and who would like to deepen their faith or learning.  It can be used for theological courses, such as those run by Maryvale or Newman College, or for more practical learning that will benefit both the person themselves and the parish, such as flower arranging or book-keeping.  It covers vocational training, such as Certificates in Chaplaincy.  Finally, the fund can be used to offset the costs of local courses such as booking speakers or buying DVDs.  

Because all ministry is rooted in a community, the support of a local priest is required when applying to the fund, and grants will usually be given as matched funding, with the parish or Pastoral Area providing the remaining amount.  In exceptional circumstances, full grants may be given.  Please download the full guidelines and application form for more information and to apply.

Grants are awarded by the Lay Formation Fund committee, which consists of Fr Francis Higgins (Office for Adult Chaplaincy and Formation), Avril Baigent (Office for Adult Chaplaincy and Formation), Peter Commons (Chair of Together in Faith Stewardship Committee), and Alex Heath (Northampton Religious Education Service).  The committee will meet quarterly.  The first deadline for applications is 20th July.

For more information contact layformationfund@northamptondiocese.com

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