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Parish Secretary - Princes Risborough

Job Profile - Parish Secretary Princes Risborough

File size 39 K
Downloads 2
Date Wed 04/17/2019 @ 11:03
Author HR Admin
EMail hr@northamptondiocese.com

Catholic Parish Youth Minister - Bedford

Job Profile

File size 72 K
Downloads 8
Date Wed 04/03/2019 @ 10:26
Author HR Admin
EMail hr@northamptondiocese.com

Youth Ministry Coordinator Job Profile

Youth Ministry Coordinator Job Profile

File size 61 K
Downloads 42
Date Fri 03/01/2019 @ 04:22
Author HR Admin
EMail sarah@northamptondiocese.com

Application Form (WORD)

Generic Application Form for vacancies throughout the Diocese. Can be used for speculative applications as well as for specific vacancies.



File size 107 K
Downloads 549
Date Wed 03/15/2017 @ 04:08
Author HR Admin
EMail hr@northamptondiocese.com

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Find the document you want,by entering a search word in the box to the left of this pane, or searching in the "Categories" box,  or by just scrolling down and clicking through pages until you find its title. Newest documents will come to the top if you "Sort By" date rather than title. Once found, click on the word Download at bottom  right of the box. 

Documents will generally be one of four types, indicated by a suffix after their name:

means "Portable Document Format" - this gives you a "photocopy" of the original document, pictures and all, but you can't easily make any changes to it yourself. To view it, you mayl need to have a program called "Adobe Acrobat Reader".  (some modern browsers like MS Edge will open PDFs for you ) If you haven't already got Reader, , it can be downloaded for free from Adobe's website

WORD means it can be viewed and edited in Microsoft Word, which is the most widely-used Word Processing program. If you haven't got it, either download the free Word Viewer which enables you to read Word documents (but not edit them) or ask us to send you what you want as an "RTF" document, which can be opened by any computer.
JPG means that it is a photographic or visual image, and this can be viewed by most computers. 
PPT means that it is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation - the "slides" used at meetings. You would need to have PowerPoint installed on your computer, or to download the free PowerPoint view-only program, to open and see these. WARNING: these are likely to be quite large files (see below). 

Check the file size (first line of the info box). If it is more than 500K, be aware that it might take quite some time to download if you have a slow (non-broadband) dial-up internet connection (rare nowadays ) . This particularly applies to the PowerPoint files which can be over 1Mb and would take a long while.  You can ask for them to be posted to you on a CD if that is easier. Broadband users should be okay.

2. Click on the word Download at the bottom right of the info box for the document you want. You will be presented with a choice to "open" or "save" the document. If you only wish to look at it, select "Open". If you wish to save it to your computer for later viewing, click "Save" and you will be asked to nominate a location on your own computer where you wish to store the file. You should then see a progress-bar window telling you how fast the download is progressing.
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