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The livesimply project is based on a radical idea: that God calls us to live simply.  We are asked to look hard at our lifestyles, and to choose to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor.  It's not just about money. It's a challenge to reflect, celebrate and take action in order to work for justice, and to be happier in ourselves as a result. It's about seeking what we need rather than grasping for more, sharing not hoarding

"You are not making a gift of what is yours to the poor, but you are giving them back what is theirs… The earth belongs to everyone, not to the rich." St Ambrose

Over several years the Catholic community has been asked to respond to the livesimply challenge by making Promises: in J&P and parish groups, in youth and Confirmation groups, and as tutor groups and whole schools.  Last year the livesimply network members were asked to think of ideas for social justice that would make a difference to our world.


This initiative encourages communities everywhere to take action for justice. Any community can get involved, large or small, from the flower-arrangers and altar servers at church to school tutor groups and religious.


Challenges range from "Saying Grace" to "Form an Environmental Plan" to "Pray about Homelessness" to "Eating Simply".

June 2011 update - The LiveSimply awards were announced.

 - Do people in your parish care about the environment?
 - Do they support people in need at home and/or overseas?
 - Do they enjoy the chance to put their faith into action?
If you answered Yes to any of these questions, your parish is already on the way to winning a livesimply award.
At last year’s Justice and Peace Conference Bishop Peter challenged parishes across the Diocese to renew their Covenant with the Poor. The new livesimply award will recognise parishes’ achievements in putting these principles into action. From supporting the SVP, CAFOD and fair-trade to ―greening‖ our church buildings, there are many ways parishes can win an award.
To qualify, your parish must carry out a simple parish self-assessment and demonstrate how it will bring the livesimply principles to life. The key livesimply principles are:
i. livesimply
ii. live in solidarity with the poor
iii. live sustainably with the environment

To find out more contact the Diocesan Office - or go to the campaig website - http://www.livesimply.org.uk/


How did it start?
The idea for livesimply comes from a prophetic document, written by Pope Paul VI.  "On the Development of Peoples" (Populorum Progressio) explains what the Church was saying about the growing poverty and injustice of the developing world.  Written in 1967, the messages are still loud and clear: "God intended the earth and everything in it for the use of all human beings and peoples." It's a call for us to live a new kind of life, in solidarity with the community, motivated by faith.

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