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Map of the Diocese

Why does the main map not show Milton Keynes, Luton, Bedford and Central Beds as separate areas ?

The traditional Counties of England have been subjected to many changes in the last forty-odd years.

Slough used to be part of Bucks and was removed into Berkshire in 1974. In 1998 Berkshire was itself split into several Unitary Authorities, of which Slough Borough Council was one.

Milton Keynes and Luton became independent Unitary Authorities in 1997.

On 1st April 2009 Bedfordshire County Council ceased to exist and the two Unitary Authorities of Bedford and Central Bedfordshire came into being. The latter took over the areas covered by the former Mid Beds and South Beds District Councils.

The version of the Map given opposite shows the boundaries of these Civic Authorities in separate colours.

Your Webmaster was persuaded by an advocate for Bedfordshire that the “traditional counties” do still have legal and practical existence, if mainly for postal-addressing, and for ceremonial purposes connected with the office of Lord Lieutenant. As the Catholic Church is a body which places great weight on “tradition” (though with a rather different meaning) it seemed appropriate to me to simplify the main map, and thus respect the traditional counties of our part of England. The map and text now being used on the main page also harmonises with the "official" description used in the Diocesan Directory.

We are now open to any expressions of the opposite view from those who feel that the separate existence of the Unitary Authorities, of whatever age, should be shown on all maps of the Diocese!

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