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Final Tif update November 2018

The message below was recently sent out to past and continuing Together in Faith donors

It is eight years since we commenced the Together In Faith Campaign and all but a few pledges have now been completed. 

The campaign has been a great success and we have raised £9,038,320 through donations, gift aid and investment income as at 1st July 2018. We summarise below how the funds were allocated. As mentioned last September, all unspent parish share money has now been transferred into parish accounts, so your Parish Priest or Finance Committee should be able to tell you how much remains available in your parish

  Sick & retired clergy  Priestly formation   Lay formation Parish projects  Religious orders  TOTALS   
total raised   £3.442m






Spent to date










:Nearly 300 donors from across the Diocese have continued to donate to their choice of fund/s including Priestly Formation, Sick and Retired Clergy, Cathedral Centre Campaign and local Parishes. £114,264 has been received so far. This continued support is greatly appreciated.

We have now come to the end of the original campaign and so we will no longer be sending or posting-up general TIF related mailings. You may see news from time to time relating to the spend of TIF funds on our website, in your Parish Newsletter or in the Diocesan E-Newsletter. If you have not yet subscribed to the Diocesan E-Newsletter and would like to do so, you can do this by clicking  here and entering your email address in the box .We would also like to inform you that we have implemented a new Together In Faith Information Retention Schedule. This relates to all personal information gathered and held during, and following, the campaign. We are legally required to keep records of donations made for a six year period and therefore will continue to hold your records until this time has passed. After this date, records including personal information will be destroyed.

Finally, please accept our sincere gratitude for your personal contribution to the TIF Campaign. Should you have any questions about the information we hold about you, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing tifadmin@northamptondiocese.com or calling 01604 714840.

With thanks and appreciation

Peter Commons

Chairman,Stewardship Committee 

Together In Faith 

* * * * * * * * * *

End September 17 Parish Pledge Update. Click here to download a PDF of a spreadsheet that shows the totals of pledge monies received by the parishes as at the end of September 2017. By this stage the flow of donations has ceased for most parishes. All unspent Parish Share balances have been transferred into parish accounts. 

Click here to download  a narrative Tif Summary  as at end September 2017. 

Headline figures are:

  • As of end September 17 the campaign had secured a whisker under £9m in pledges (the figure tends to decrease over time because of pledge cancellations, which were in line with expectations)  £8.942m has actually been received or claimed in Gift Aid. 
  • £1.9m had been spent up to 30.9.17 on Sick & Retired Clergy
  • Parishes have received Share payments totalling £3.67m. 
  • £0.91m in unspent Parish Share funds has now been transferred to parish accounts. £448,000-odd has been transferred to the Religious orders who run TiF-successful parishes in accordance with an agreed formula. 
  • Over 260 Tif donors had agreed to continue their pledges, sometimes indefinitely. These pledges, plus one-off "continuation" gifts received, will contribute an additional total of £398,300 over the next five years. £20,400 of this will go to the Cathedral centre campaign. 

TiF Aug 17 newsletter coverAugust 2017 newsletter - Click here to download a PDF copy of the latest Together in Faith newsletter, being mailed out to donors this week (w/c 11th September).  If you have not received a copy and would like one, please contact Paula Wynn 

 * * * * * * * * 

March 2017 update - Click here to download the Together in Faith Parish Summary as at the end of the 16-17 financial year, and here for the over-all Financial Summary as the flow of pledges nears its end. A newsletter will be published in August. 

10th August 2016  

- The Stewardship Committee has mailed out its latest Newsletter for August 2016. Those who do not receive it by post are invited to click here to download it.

* * * * * * * *

27th July 2016 - The Stewardship Committee, which is over-seeing the final stages of the campaign, and the use of the funds raised, has prepared a Financial Summary showing the state of the campaign as at the end of March 2016, concentrating on the January-March quarter. 

It includes a breakdown of all the parishes which have carried out projects using TiF funds to date, showing their anticipated Parish Share, how much of that share has been "earned" to end March, and the totals each parish has spent on its TiF-funded projects 

Headline figures are:

  • At the end of March 2016 the campaign had secured £9.1m in pledges, after write-offs of the inevitable element of pledges unpaid or withdrawn. 
  • £8.58m had actually been received, including Gift Aid. 
  • £1.3m had been spent to date on Sick & Retired Clergy, £0.91m on priest-training, £2.29m on parish projects, and £0.43m allocated ot the Religious Orders which run some of our parishes. 

The report is downloadable as a PDF by clicking here.

An update to June 2016 will be published as soon as the Stewardship Committee has next met.  

* * * * * * * 

In May 2015 the seventh of the "newsletter" updates was sent out to all donors, by post or e-mail.


Click here to view a PDF copy ( 476kB) which you can then save onto your computer.



If you are a donor and have not yet received the letter from the Stewardship Committee, either by post or by email, please contact our administrator at tifadmin@northamptondiocese.com.


* * * * * * * * *


Previous issues were sent out in February and June 2012, February and July 2013, and February and July 2014. The supporting documents to the first one are still available for download below:


The June 2012 one is available here, the Jan/Feb 2013 one here, the July 2013 one here, the Jan/Feb 2014 one here, and the July 2014 one here. . 


There was also a February 2013 Report on the process and costs of seminary training for our priests, being supported by Together In Faith - click here for this


February 2012 mailing

Click on the titles to download the individual documents. 


Bishop's letter   (PDF, 290Kb)

Newsletter   (PDF, 541Kb)

Guidelines and forecast   (PDF, 283Kb)


If you are not familiar with downloading documents and reading/saving them on your own computer, click here and read the guidance on the right of the page. This will also explain what PDF means and gives you a link to download the free software necessary to open PDF documents - which already exists on most computers.

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Parish project
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