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PARISH PROJECTS provide for specific local parish needs – parishes retain 10% of funds raised up to their campaign goal, and 80% of anything raised above that figure


Latest News from the March 2017 Financial Summary

Thirty-four parishes so far have benefited from Together In Faith parish funds. A total of £2.67m has been spent on projects, ranging from new hymn books to three brand new Halls, many refurbishments. and roof repairs which may have saved a church from closure. 

A parish is able to carry out its project once it has exceeded its TIF goal, obtained Diocesan approval and accrued sufficient funds to cover the cost of the project. More details about your own parish can be found in the personalised e-mail or letter accompanying the biannual newsletters,  or through your parish. 

Some parishes chose to use their Together In Faith funds to repay debt, which generally arose from historic essential projects, helping them become more financially stable, saving money on interest, and contributing to the Diocese's financial well-being. 

Parish Project News

Man playing modern church organSt Augustine's, Daventry

Mgr Sean Healy shares below how the parish of Our Lady of Charity and Saint Augustine in Daventry has been putting to good use their parish share accrued from the Together In Faith campaign.

“This  [ 2017 ] has been a very busy year in the parish of Daventry as we have been preparing for the ordination of Michael Bates to the priesthood. This took place on 15 July.One of the major projects that we set ourselves was the re-ordering and refurbishment of the church. Whilst the majority of this funding came from the sale of land belonging to the parish, the purchase of the new altar and organ came through the excellent response of the parish to the Together In Faith campaign.The altar is made of white oak wood with a surround of Salome polished marble. The three reliefs which are at the centre of the altar depict the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. They have been part of the parish’s patrimony for over a hundred years and it is great to see them restored to a position of prominence. The ambo, tabernacle stand and priest’s chair are in white oak with golden upholstery.The new organ is by Makin Rydall and it has enhanced the music ministry in the church. Both the organ and the altar were blessed by Bishop Peter when he came to celebrate Confirmation in the parish on 16 June.” 

Bletchley interiorSt Thomas Aquinas, Bletchley

"The urgent need for re-wiring and the installation of a fire safety system gave us the impetus to do a "make over" at St Thomas Aquinas Church in Bletchley. The money accrued for Parish Projects through the Together In Faith Campaign has meant that we have been able to decorate the whole church, replace the 1950s church chairs with new cushioned seating, and re-carpet the entire church and parish meeting room. What was a loved but tired-looking building is now fresh, bright, comfortable, safe and inviting - and still loved !" - Father Christopher Perry


Sacred Heart, FlitwickFlitwick - A ‘sound’ investment

The parish of Sacred Heart in Flitwick has been putting its parish share of Together In Faith funds to good use through a variety of small projects to benefit the church.In addition to new carpets and chairs, the church has now benefited from a new sound system. Hugh Davies writes: 

“After 30 years and a lot of 'patching' our sound system finally packed up, so we needed a new one. Luckily our Together In Faith funds have enabled us to invest in a good quality system.After much research we decided to go for a firm called DM Music who were highly recommended. They have installed new speakers in the church and 'back room', three new microphones and three facility boxes which enable us to plug in other music sources and a hearing loop.We expected technology to have improved but the difference in audibility and sound quality is amazing - the added bonus is the ability to use the system more flexibly. The system was not cheap but when buying sound it is always best to buy sound sound.”


In one of the first "employment" projects to have come to fruition, Holy Family, Slough, has allocated a portion towards supporting a full time Chaplain at the nearby Catholic secondary school, St. Joseph’s in Slough. After a careful selection process, Theresa Hargreaves was appointed and joined the school in December 2012. ( Her current successor is Jo French.)  Theresa Hargreaves
There had been fears that St John’s, Luton would have to close when the roof became unsafe. With the support of the Parishioners and the funds raised by Together in Faith the necessary remedial work has been completed. Parish Priest Fr. Tony Brennan said “The Parish community of St John’s were very excited to be able to move back into the Church after 14 months away. TiF was instrumental in helping us to complete our renovation plans” St Johns Luton roof repairs

St Teresa’s, Beaconsfield is a parish which seized this opportunity to raise funds for a significant local undertaking. For three years, St Teresa’s had been preparing to replace its parish hall, a facility which had served the parish well, but was in need of major upgrading to cater to the many and varied needs of a growing Catholic community. Fr Francis Higgins and his team of eighteen volunteers reached out to every parishioner, meeting personally with almost half of the families in the parish. They shared with them the aims of Together in Faith, discussed the local project and asked them to consider supporting the initiative. Parishioners confirmed their support and commitment, raising a total of £750,000, nearly £500,000 of which was used for their new parish centre. This is now open and serving the parish, and, increasingly, the local and Diocesan community. It it is a magnificent facility !


New Parish Centre, Beaconsfield

Holy Family Parish in Slough used funds from the Together in Faith campaign to put in place new Stations of the Cross in their church. When the church was re-ordered in 2007 the parish commissioned Stephen Foster to carve an image of the risen Christ, which now hangs majestically in the sanctuary. The image has been so inspiring that the parish went back to Stephen. Parish priest Canon Kevin O’Driscoll commented: “The Together in Faith campaign has been incredibly well supported in the parish and it has already enabled us to add to the beauty and inspiration of our church building.” .


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Stephen Foster and Canon O'Driscoll with the new carved Stations


Parish mission Mass

The clustered parishes of SS Francis and Therese in Hunsbury, Northampton, and St Thomas More, Towcester, used Together in Faith funds to support a Parish Mission. Fr Brendan Killeen wrote:


"The photograph is of the final Mass of our two week mission which involved both parishes . The Mass was celebrated in a school hall because the hundreds of people who turned up could not fit into either of our churches. The mission was an overwhelming success and was made possible thanks to the generosity of parishioners to Together in Faith. It was the parish project for both parishes. The final Mass marks the end of a great year for both parishes where everyone came together to support both Together in Faith and the mission."


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Strong parishes are the foundation of the Diocese. By providing resources at a local level to help each parish realise its ambitions allows for a more active and growing Church. Together in Faith will help fund, for example, new centres for use by all members of the parish, refurbishment of church buildings and facilities, supporting the work of volunteers and the effective running of parishes, providing chaplaincy services to local schools.

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